Mood Swings And Natural Mood Stabilizers

What Is A Natural Mood Stabilizer?

If you suffer from mood ups and downs then you might be wondering if you are actually suffering from mood swings and if you are are there any natural mood stabilizers you can take to avoid expensive and potentially addictive medications. With todays stresses and strains its not uncommon for many of us to exhibit all the symptoms of mood swings. Many of us cope but some of us may cope better with a mood stabilizer.

MoodLift+ Natural mood stabilizer

What Constitutes A Mood Swing?

If we suddenly change from our normal mood with an abrupt swing to irritability, sadness, weepiness or become angry or snappy without any real reason then we are probably suffering from a mood swing. A lot will of course depend on how often and how long these mood changes last and certainly most mood swings in children could be because of conditions such as ADHD and in women it could be hormonal or depending on age, the menopause.

You will probably have read about the nasty effects of sugar in the diet and there has been research linking it to cancerous tumors. That is the extreme position of course but sugar also plays a role in mood shifts and children in particular need to keep sugar intakes down particularly at breakfast and avoid sugary cereals but all of us need to keep sugar down to avoid sugar spikes which can have a connection to mood swings.

As an adult we can all try and keep a diary showing how our mood changes and how our dietary intake might be forming a pattern. What might be triggering these mood swings? Could it be a sugar laden cake or drink or could it  be our hormones playing up (if women). Keeping a diary can be a useful first step to identifying why our mood can change so dramatically and then we could change our diet which is the most natural mood stabilizer of all. We can cut out those fatty sugary foods and switch to more fruit and vegetables which will help to improve our serotonin levels which helps with general mood patterns.

The addition could be a natural mood stabilizer like MoodLift Plus. This can help considerably. The ingredients in MoodLift+ are varied but lets take a quick look at a couple of them – the ones which will help to stabilize your mood, particularly if your “ups and downs” are affecting your sleep pattern or may even be the cause of poor sleeping habits.


Moodlift Plus Ingredients

One of the primary ingredients in  Moodlift plus  a natural mood stabilizer is 5-HTP. As you may be aware, inflammation is the culprit behind a lot of diseases and 5-HTP helps to reduce inflammation. It helps the body to produce serotonin and helps the brain and other neurotransmitters “talk” to each other which really helps your body to cope with stress and to help your sleeping patterns. As stress is often behind many mood shifts, anything which helps to damp those stress indicators will help to stabilize your mood.

Two other important ingredients in Moodlift Plus are Vitamins B6 and B3.

Vitamin B6 supports the nervous system and a lot of other body functions. Whilst it can be found in fresh food, if your diet is lacking in some way or even if you think you have a reasonable diet, the chances are that you are low in this essential vitamin and this component of Moodlift plus helps to supplement the B6 levels. Ensuring your body is running at the optimum achievable and even making you feel better can help to diminish those mood swings.

Vitamin B3 helps with energy levels and most folks suffering from anxiety and depression and many menopausal women are low in Vitamin B3. With good levels of these two vitamins you can help to supply energy to your body and lift your mood significantly.

A supplement with built in natural mood stabilizers can be a great help. There is an amino acid which is called SAMe. Whilst it is normally produced in the body and can increase the “feel good” serotonin levels, it has been found that those not getting enough of the B vitamins were liable to be short of this amino acid so getting more of these in this supplement should certainly help with your mood levels and general wellbeing.

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