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Can Moodlift Plus Help As A Menopause Supplement?

Lets take a look at the problems you may find if you are menopausal or peri menopausal and whether and why a menopausal supplement like Moodlift Plus might help.

If you are a woman of a certain age, you may have suffered a moment in time when for no reason your thoughts unexpectedly go totally blank?
Or out of the blue you suddenly find yourself being more absent minded than usual?
At one time this was exactly what I realized was happening to me with increasing regularity.
You might also be finding this a problem
What is actually the cause of memory loss in women as they approach closer to their menopause years? Could hormones be connected to memory problems? Or Is it really just the signs of aging?
I believe you will really be shocked at the reasons.


When it comes to a woman’s hormonal levels, fluctuations can often bring about all kinds of emotional and mental turmoil. This may include nervousness, anxiety and even depression.
Plus aging also has some influence on a person’s ability to retain information, I’m certain of this as a sufferer myself.
However, the main perpetrator of memory loss during the stages of pre and post menopause is definitely stress. Research has verified it.
Quite a few women in menopause (and in peri-menopause) lament about memory problems to their doctors. In the past researchers originally had surmised that low levels of estrogen likely affected a woman’s mental function.

Naturally that had been the typical explanation given from the medical profession  that  is that memory loss was basically nothing more than a symptom of being menopausal.
Having said that, during 2003 one particular Chicago scientific study published some important results.

St. Luke’s Healthcare Centre research workers had undertaken a study relating to menopause and memory loss over the course of 6 years. They signed up 803 females between 42 and 52, and all were actually within the stages of pre menopause. None of them had been using HRT.
Throughout the six years, each year these women would be given a number of memory tests. Undoubtedly the research workers anticipated that the women’s memory results would go down while they progressed throughout the span of the study. What they observed however astonished all of them.
The results ended up being the complete opposite!
The research results from these women in fact showed an improvement in memory capacity by approximately three per cent!
A lot more of these types of studies are now beginning to clearly show that the memory challenges most women are complaining during the course of menopause (and peri-menopause) may also be more so indicators of stress rather than simply the changes in female hormones and getting older.
Bear in mind more females nowadays wind up having to deal with keeping up with the demands associated with their life at home in addition to their professions, so it’s not surprising.
If you are going through episodes of memory loss you may need to think about making certain modifications to your lifestyle to assist you in controlling stress.

MoodLift Supplement For Menopause

Menopausal Issues And Prevention.

Find out more about relaxation techniques and then take time to release stress on a daily basis.
Exercise and remain active both mentally and physically.
Eat foods that are known to be rich Omega-3 sources and/or supplement with a quality Omega-3 Fish Oil; it’s known to be quite effective for fighting both the physical and mental negative effects most typically associated with stress.

Other valuable substances that can help you deal with the health destroying effects associated with stress also include:

Ginkgo Biloba extract which has been utilized throughout traditional Chinese medicine to boost memory as well as attention span.
Damiana helps relax the nervous system and is beneficial just for helping to manage mood swings.
SAMe is particularly useful for diminishing indications of depression and Alzheimer’s. It’s also known to be of great help for improving intellectual performance plus slowing down the aging process.

Supplements For Menopause.

Take a supplement for the menopause which can help with your serotonin levels. The menopause can cause sleeping problems, particularly night sweats and there is an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen created at this stage in a womans life and that in itself makes the production of serotonin more difficult. Serotonin is thought to maintain mood balance and a deficit can lead to depression which in itself can create stress. The Moodlift Plus supplement contains L- Tryptopan which helps with the production of serotonin and helps to balance these fluctuating hormones helping with both physical and mental wellbeing. Menopausal symptoms including memory loss can be helped by simply stabilizing your mood and this is where MoodLift Plus can help.

There are effective natural supplements for menopause that can also assist you with the symptoms related to both menopause and for treating stress related memory problems that often occur during this phase of life.

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